Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Summer has arrived in full swing. And it's passing me by before I have the chance to realize that it's finally here! June is almost over - we've been cramming so much in that I'm losing track of the days! The highlights of June are:

1. We moved dad's shop to our new building - that was a little bit bigger job than i expected, but we are finally now all settled in and operations are back to the new normal!

2. We celebrated 1 year of marriage on June 1st. We took a little overnight trip to Cincy to celebrate. It was a much needed weekend away! Our cake topper was still delicious, btw!

3. We have a new nephew that was born on June 2. Tucker is the cutest little guy ever!

4. We went camping for 4 days with some good friends and it turned out to be an awesome weekend to camp! Did get wet a little the last night we were there - so everything was dirty and wet to pack up and come home. It was great to be home in my own bed and shower!

5. We finally had some time to work around the house outside. It was in much need of some TLC - it's still a work in progress, but it's looking much better these days! The new driveway turned out great and it's so nice to have a circle and more parking room. The weeds have finally turned brown and we stirred up the mulch around the trees. They now look freshly mulched...i love the look of fresh mulch - and i'm loving the fact that we got it and didn't have to pay for it this year! there were a few low spots in the yard that needed filled in with dirt and grass planted. Grass started to come up just 3 days later - we are very excited about that! Thanks to my wonderful hubby for diligently watering the new grass and my flower beds every night!
6. We've had overnight company for a couple of days - it was great catching up with an old friend! Looking forward to her return this fall. Will have some other overnight company in the coming week - one of my nieces and a good friend that is returning home for a visit and possibly some out of town family! Will be a busy house in the next several days!

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