Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Project #1

So in my last post, I had mentioned a project I had started...Here's what it was and the result...
Found cheap frames at Goodwill - total: $12

Roughed up the edges and spray painted them bright, bold colors. Invested in 2 cans of spray paint, the others I already had.

Printed off some pictures that I had taken and one that Kimberly Sink had shot.

Ran to Hobby Lobby and got some matboard for $8.

Stopped at Lowe's and got some teeny tiny nails to hold everything in the frame.

Arranged them and hung them on the wall in CMA's room.

Ta-da! Wall art for cheap with some sentimental value. :)



And here's a sneak peek at the next project I've started...


  1. you totally inspired me! to paint my ugly brown frames black. not quite brave enough for that much color!!

  2. oh come on! it was fun! and really, you can always just paint them black if you don't like the color... :) (i know you have so much spare time and all to paint them twice...)