Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Books & Attitudes

Kims Blog
I'm reading my sisters Christmas present...I know, classy. But I just couldn't wrap it up after just kinda browsing through it and skimming over a couple of the pages. It is now on my list of books that I would like for my library - and my birthday is in a couple of months. Anyway - she has a chapter about attitude and how critical it is. Talk about stomping all over my toes - I'm pretty sure they got flat as pancakes (hopefully they'll recover). Needless to say - things would prolly go lots better if MY attitude would change. Hmm...imagine that! It all starts with Me! How I react to some situtations; comments; the day; just life is sometimes with a selfish attitude. wow - humbling to me. And to think I thought I could control my fleshly desires and thoughts and actions and needs. How miserbly I FAIL and make life...complicated for myself and those around me. Especially those around me. My poor hubby. Thankfully he puts up with me because he loves me. But to think that if I don't change my attitude that I'm going to pass that onto my child! EEEkkk! And I could talk till I'm blue in the face to teach him differently and it will go in and out of his ears. He'll pick up how I react faster than I could talk. So my walk and talk need to line up. Line up with the goals that I have for him. Goals that are Gods standards. I think I have a lot of work to do...
I urge you to check the book out or at least her blog. She has lots of good advice for every wife, mom, family; big or small; with little or big people.

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