Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Lord's Prayer

I know, my lack of posting lately has been anything, well, non exsistent to say the least. I do have plans to update you on the summer happenings; with pictures; I have lots. But not this post.

My lovely momma came across this in what used to be called Teach Magazine and it put a lot of thoughts into my already crammed brain...

The Lord's Prayer

I cannot pray "OUR"
if my faith has no room for others and their needs.

I cannot pray "FATHER"
if  I do not demonstrate this relationship to God in my daily living.

I cannot pray "WHO ART IN HEAVEN"
if all of my interests and pursuits are in earthly things.

I cannot pray "HALLOWED BE THY NAME"
if I am not striving for God's help to be holy.

I cannot pray "THY KINGDOM COME"
if I am unwilling to accept God's rule in my life.

I cannot pray "THY WILL BE DONE"
if I am unwilling or resentful of having it in my life.

unless I am truly ready to give myself to God's service here and now.

without expending honest effort for it, or if I would withhold from my neighbor the bread I receive.

if I continue to harbor a grudge against anyone.

if I deliberately choose to remain in a situation where I am likely to be tempted.

I cannot pray "DELIVER US FROM EVIL"
if I am not prepared to fight with my life and my prayer.

I cannot pray "THINE IS THE KINGDOM"
if I am unwilling to obey the King.

if I am seeking power for myself and my own glory first.

I cannot pray "FOREVER AND EVER"
 if I am too anxious about each day's affairs.

I cannot pray "AMEN"
unless I honestly say "not my will, but thy will be done", and so let it be.

Author Unknown

How many times do you say this prayer without really thinking about what your really saying? Praying this puts new meaning to your Lord's prayer everytime you say it or hear it.
Blessings on the rest of your weekend!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Firsts

Well, to even know where to start! I started this post over a week ago and I'm just now getting around to actually finishing it! The little guy turned the big 1 on the 20th. 

We had a big party for him - he somehow wasn't overly impressed with the crowd...But he did dive into his cake. Which I was surprised since he doesn't usually like messy hands. Or sweets. I don't think he ever really ate any of it. Oh bummer!

After he got done playing in his cake - we opened some gifts - always nice to get new toys...(which  means more "stuff" to stash in the corner of the living room!)

He graduated to his big boy seat - finally! I was beginning to wonder if he'd ever hit the 20 lb mark!

He rode on the lawnmower for the first time with his favorite person of all time. I think it made daddy a little nervous more than anything.

It finally is SUNNY  out and we got to play outside with all the new loot from the birthday party!

He's pretty proud of himself that he can climb up on my chair, too.

We went to plant the garden one night - needless to say we got rained out. Come to find out this was a tornado that went between the in-laws house and our house (for those who don't know - that's only a mile on the road!) To think that we were out in it! Our guarding angels where busy that night! :)

God's promise after the storm. A promise that He will allow a planting season!

Spring seemed to miss us and Summer came instead. Got to go play with the cousins in the slip and slide. For how much he loves his baths and swimming, he wasn't so sure about the idea of sitting in cold water.

But as long as somebody sat with him (nicely sat with him) he was ok for a bit.

And last, but not least, he had some news to share at his birthday party...

This is estimated to happen around the first of January! :)

Hope your all enjoying the nice weather like we are!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project #2

I know, it's been awhile....We've been up to well, life!

My project I talked about here is finally done...mostly done!!! Yippeee!!! I'll show you what I was up to:

Headboard Before:

Dirty Door
Cleaned up

Other Side, Cleaned & Sanded



The Bedroom Before:

No, we do not have any closet doors...


Laundry only got done when needed...
Give the walls some chicken pox...
Our office become our storage room...

The vanity light has to go, again

Would like new sheets & bedskirt, another pillow, new curtains, new bedside tables, and maybe a chair or some kind... 

Funny thing is that we've arranged the room differently since taking these pics! My mind is just kinda stuck with the finishing touches. Would love any suggestions!!!

In the meantime, I'm heading to bed...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

9 Month Jumper

Taking the oppurtunity to do some updating since the house is quiet. It will be short, I have some sanding to do on the latest project. Determined to get it done this week. Or close to it. I hope...
We attempted to do 9 month pictures last week. Kinda hard to keep the squirt still while I get my camera ready. It's on the agenda for the next nice day this week, so they won't turn into 10 month pics...

He's pretty pleased that he has found the bookcase! And loves that he can pull books out on his own! And daddy's magazines are fun to grab ahold of, too. This trumps any and all the toys in the toy box at the moment...

Huh, what do you know - a picture of us! An oddity for sure...I think this only makes a half dozen or so since he's been born! I noticed the lack of pictures of the 2 of us when I started looking for some to put in his baby book. Come to think of it, the 3 of us don't have many either...

Cuddling with daddy on the couch - which is also a rare occassion. But the poor guy has had a fever and stuffy nose and croupy cough the last couple of days and he just doesn't feel good and likes to cuddle. Yay for the cuddling part, boo for the not feeling good part.

He's feeling better, but still content to just hang out on the couch. At least I got a smile out of him though!

A toothy grin = a good sign he's feeling more like himself!

And the best sign he feels somewhat normal - he likes his jumpy!! :)

Hope you all enjoy your afternoon - I'm thankful for the rain; means spring is ON IT's Way! The grass is greening up, my tulips and daffidols are coming up, it's above freezing, the days are longer - ah, the days of summer are getting near!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I should be sleeping...

...but I'm updating my blog. And my hubby talked me into watching a show. So I guess bed will wait a little longer. Onto some updates - since I'm behind...

Little man trying on his swim "pants" before we head to Holmes County for the weekend.

We had to downsize 2 sizes so we could see his chubbies.

And he loved his first swim!

Showing off his teethers

Cousins. 3 Months apart. Although you can't tell because of saggy britches, CMA's waist comes to mid thigh on his cousin. :)

My valentine flowers from my dear hubby.

We didn't realize we lived on an island when we woke up a couple mornings ago!

Well that's the latest happenings around this joint. My hubby & I are getting ansy for spring to be here. 'Course for different reasons - I'm ready for the warmer weather so I can get my paint out and finish some projects, he's ready to get in the field and plant. Busy busy days are ahead! I'll try to keep ya'll updated! :)