Tuesday, March 15, 2011

9 Month Jumper

Taking the oppurtunity to do some updating since the house is quiet. It will be short, I have some sanding to do on the latest project. Determined to get it done this week. Or close to it. I hope...
We attempted to do 9 month pictures last week. Kinda hard to keep the squirt still while I get my camera ready. It's on the agenda for the next nice day this week, so they won't turn into 10 month pics...

He's pretty pleased that he has found the bookcase! And loves that he can pull books out on his own! And daddy's magazines are fun to grab ahold of, too. This trumps any and all the toys in the toy box at the moment...

Huh, what do you know - a picture of us! An oddity for sure...I think this only makes a half dozen or so since he's been born! I noticed the lack of pictures of the 2 of us when I started looking for some to put in his baby book. Come to think of it, the 3 of us don't have many either...

Cuddling with daddy on the couch - which is also a rare occassion. But the poor guy has had a fever and stuffy nose and croupy cough the last couple of days and he just doesn't feel good and likes to cuddle. Yay for the cuddling part, boo for the not feeling good part.

He's feeling better, but still content to just hang out on the couch. At least I got a smile out of him though!

A toothy grin = a good sign he's feeling more like himself!

And the best sign he feels somewhat normal - he likes his jumpy!! :)

Hope you all enjoy your afternoon - I'm thankful for the rain; means spring is ON IT's Way! The grass is greening up, my tulips and daffidols are coming up, it's above freezing, the days are longer - ah, the days of summer are getting near!!

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  1. 2 posts in the same month?! You're on fire. :) I LOVE the video. He looks like he's going to bounce right out of that thing. Let's get together sooooooon!