Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I should be sleeping...

...but I'm updating my blog. And my hubby talked me into watching a show. So I guess bed will wait a little longer. Onto some updates - since I'm behind...

Little man trying on his swim "pants" before we head to Holmes County for the weekend.

We had to downsize 2 sizes so we could see his chubbies.

And he loved his first swim!

Showing off his teethers

Cousins. 3 Months apart. Although you can't tell because of saggy britches, CMA's waist comes to mid thigh on his cousin. :)

My valentine flowers from my dear hubby.

We didn't realize we lived on an island when we woke up a couple mornings ago!

Well that's the latest happenings around this joint. My hubby & I are getting ansy for spring to be here. 'Course for different reasons - I'm ready for the warmer weather so I can get my paint out and finish some projects, he's ready to get in the field and plant. Busy busy days are ahead! I'll try to keep ya'll updated! :)


  1. He's getting so big!!

    And CUTE!! (but we knew that)

  2. Yay for an update!!! Cooper is getting so big. It's pretty sad I haven't seen him lately when we live 2 miles from each other. I'm so glad that first picture was him in swim shorts. I thought at first that he had really short pants on. :) He sure is a punkin. I need to pop over and give him a squeeze. I think him & Deacon would play real well together by now. :)