Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project #2

I know, it's been awhile....We've been up to well, life!

My project I talked about here is finally done...mostly done!!! Yippeee!!! I'll show you what I was up to:

Headboard Before:

Dirty Door
Cleaned up

Other Side, Cleaned & Sanded



The Bedroom Before:

No, we do not have any closet doors...


Laundry only got done when needed...
Give the walls some chicken pox...
Our office become our storage room...

The vanity light has to go, again

Would like new sheets & bedskirt, another pillow, new curtains, new bedside tables, and maybe a chair or some kind... 

Funny thing is that we've arranged the room differently since taking these pics! My mind is just kinda stuck with the finishing touches. Would love any suggestions!!!

In the meantime, I'm heading to bed...