Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Firsts

Well, to even know where to start! I started this post over a week ago and I'm just now getting around to actually finishing it! The little guy turned the big 1 on the 20th. 

We had a big party for him - he somehow wasn't overly impressed with the crowd...But he did dive into his cake. Which I was surprised since he doesn't usually like messy hands. Or sweets. I don't think he ever really ate any of it. Oh bummer!

After he got done playing in his cake - we opened some gifts - always nice to get new toys...(which  means more "stuff" to stash in the corner of the living room!)

He graduated to his big boy seat - finally! I was beginning to wonder if he'd ever hit the 20 lb mark!

He rode on the lawnmower for the first time with his favorite person of all time. I think it made daddy a little nervous more than anything.

It finally is SUNNY  out and we got to play outside with all the new loot from the birthday party!

He's pretty proud of himself that he can climb up on my chair, too.

We went to plant the garden one night - needless to say we got rained out. Come to find out this was a tornado that went between the in-laws house and our house (for those who don't know - that's only a mile on the road!) To think that we were out in it! Our guarding angels where busy that night! :)

God's promise after the storm. A promise that He will allow a planting season!

Spring seemed to miss us and Summer came instead. Got to go play with the cousins in the slip and slide. For how much he loves his baths and swimming, he wasn't so sure about the idea of sitting in cold water.

But as long as somebody sat with him (nicely sat with him) he was ok for a bit.

And last, but not least, he had some news to share at his birthday party...

This is estimated to happen around the first of January! :)

Hope your all enjoying the nice weather like we are!

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  1. Congratulations (again)! So exciting! Hope you are feeling good! We have the hot weather here too... definitely summertime! Looks like you are enjoying it!