Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Playing Catch up...

In this post, we had some news to share. Lots happened between then and now, so we'll play catch up in fast forward since then! 

I went from being "skinny" to this: 
16 weeks... being HUGE:
39 weeks...

To welcoming boy #2 - healthy and happy!
Jan. 4, 2012 @ 2:50 am * 7lbs. 15oz., 21 1/4" long

He arrived on his due date; which we couldn't be more happy since I went 2 weeks early with my first one! He was not interested in taking his time in his speedy arrival (we were at the hospital for 50 min.)! But he wasn't overly impressed with the outside world after he arrived. :) That has since changed - he is a very observant little guy!! 

He gets to share a birthday with his "girl" friend who happens to be some of our good friends and neighbors! What a fun time we had in the hospital since we were right down the hall from each other! All the staff knew who we were: "Ah, your THE friends!"

Birthday buds

Finally at home as a family of 4. Boy that still sounds strange!
My boys

Big brother all of a sudden got big. And "helpful". Only jealous when his daddy tries to pay attention to his little brother. He likes to hold him, poke him, and "pat" him. One day this may come back to bite him!?!? 
4 weeks old already
 Things have been going pretty good. Our new normal is "normal" and we're all adjusting to  it. 
2 months
 Not sure how we ended up with a little red head - but we're loving how much spiky hair he has! He's a happy, chunky little fella and we can't believe how time flies!
3 months

3 1/2 months

 And big brother still likes to show some love!

 Well the washer is done, again, so I must keep going so I can get on top of the laundry pile before both boys wake up. Maybe I can catch a nap when I get to the top...


  1. Yay for an update!! Can't believe how big Braxton is!! It's time to get together. :)

  2. They are both so cute! Love the picture of them together on the floor:)